Our Teachers

Professora Vera Duarte, Head Teacher

I was born in Espinho, Portugal, mainland Portugal. 



I have a Bachelor's Degree in Language and Modern Literature from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, and MA in Applied Linguistics from UMASS Boston.


Personal interests: 

I love music and dancing, especially latin dancing. I am an avid reader and love being the mother to my daughter.


Classes/level teach:

I teach Portuguese intermediate/advanced levels at our school on Saturdays.


Why interested in teaching Portuguese:

I teach Portuguese to maintain the language and traditions of Portugal alive, educate younger generations about everything that Portugal has to offer, and instill in the new generations pride for "their" culture. I enjoy helping young people understand the power of being a border crosser, bicultural, bilingual individual with a strong cultural capital. I find it extremely rewarding to witness them to develop their reading, writing, speaking skills and ability to become proficient in that "new" language. 

Contact: vera.duarte.o@gmail.com





Professora Sameira Veloso










I was born in Boston, Massachusetts. I have lived in the Cambridge and Somerville areas my entire life.



I have a Master’s Degree as a Special Educator for students with Moderate Disabilities, 5-12. I am also licensed as an English as a Second Language educator. I have been working at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School for the past ten years as a teacher in the special education department. I teach in a self-contained setting, both Basic Academics and Academics. I teach United States History I and United States History II classes.


2013 Faculty Distinction Award
"Ms. Veloso is well-known amongst her students and colleagues as one of the most hard-working, dedicated, and caring individuals at CRLS. Her commitment to her students success makes her one of the easiest staff members to find; she is in her classroom long before school starts and long after it ends each day."


Personal interests: 

I enjoy reading historical novels, British Drama and Literature. I also enjoy visiting historical sites and museums. I travel to Portugal practically every summer. I sing in a church choir and participate in many of the festivities at Saint Anthony’s Church. I also sing and perform for the Portuguese Folklore group, Coracões Lusíadas in Cambridge.


Classes/level teach:

I teach the beginning-intermediate level group at Portuguese School on Mondays.


Why interested in teaching Portuguese:

As an active and proud member of the Portuguese community at Saint Anthony's Church and graduate of the Portuguese School of Cambridge and Somerville, I believe it is a responsibility, duty, and privilege to uphold and pass on the rich and wonderful language, culture, traditions, values, and history of Portugal and its people to younger generations. It is imperative to be able to share, discuss, teach, and learn about the many wonderful contributions, accomplishments, and successes of the Portuguese people throughout the world in order to spark, cultivate, nurture, and preserve a sense of pride and spirit within the Portuguese community.


I teach a wonderful group of happy, enthusiastic, and inquisitive students; although each year, I receive a few new beginner students in my class, I have had the immense pleasure of teaching some of the same students for the past several years. The best part of teaching this group of students is seeing their growth and interest in learning the Portuguese language as well as thecultural traditions and history. I am also extremely pleased and proud of their active involvement in preparing and performing poems, songs, and plays during the holiday and end of the year festivities. They never cease to amaze me in their efforts, hard work, and dedication. It is a true delight seeing them perform for their parents and the rest of the Portuguese School community.


Contact: sveloso@cpsd.us

Professora Michelle Dias

Classes/level teach:

I'm currently teaching 1st level Portuguese on Mondays and Saturdays.


Escola Portuguesa de Cambridge e Somerville, Inc. Non-Discriminatory Statement:

Escola Portuguesa de Cambridge & Somerville seeks diversity in all aspects of school life.  Escola Portuguesa de Cambridge & Somerville does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in its admissions, administration of its educational policies, school-related activities, and all other aspects of its mission.